Setup in 4 easy steps

Don’t want to write any code? Learn about our worry-free integration.


Add Fit Finder button

Embed this button in your product page:

<div id="fitanalytics-size-advisor">WHAT SIZE FITS ME?</div>

Add Fit Finder function

You only need to provide a few parameters to the _fitAnalytics function:

  • productSerial: a unique indentifier that contains the garment article ID (as it appears in your database) coupled with your store ID. In the code snippet below, this is shown as exampleshop-12345, where exampleshop is your store and 12345 is the article ID.
  • thumb: corresponds to the product image that you display on the product page
  • manufacturedSizes: all sizes in which this item is sold (both in-stock and out-of-stock)
<script type="text/javascript">
  window._fitAnalytics = function() {
    var widget = new FitAnalyticsWidget({
      productSerial: "exampleshop-12345",
      thumb: "",
      manufacturedSizes: {"S": true, "M": false, "L": true}, // size M is out-of-stock, while sizes S and L are in-stock
      load: function (productSerial) {
        $('#fitanalytics-size-advisor').bind('click', function () {
          return false;

Call Fit Finder code

Call the script from our server to enable Fit Finder:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

At this point, you can validate your implementation of Fit Finder on your site (with the sample product provided above) by clicking this button:


Product feed

Send us your product feed so that we can provide relevant size prediction for your products.

For more info, refer to the product feed section in our developer documentation.

You’re done!

Once we’ve integrated your product feed, you’ll get an update from us that Fit Finder is up and running on your site.

More features

You can add optional features to optimize Fit Finder on your store:

  • Add your store’s logo and custom colors
  • Enable your customers to add the recommended size directly to their shopping cart
  • Give returning users an automatic size recommendation without requiring them to open the widget

See the developer documentation for instructions on adding these and other features.


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